There are five different metals and two metal finishes available
Each of our metals can be brought to a high gleaming polish or given black, brown, or green patinas. Patina is essentially "staining" metal with strong acids. Once the acid patina is applied to the metal surface, the entire surface is colored (black, brown or green). The piece is then polished to remove the patina over the majority of the skull exposing the metal underneath. The remaining patina is left in the low spots and places of the skull that cannot be reached by polishing tools. How much patina is removed, and the degree of polish given to the exposed metal can vary depending on what "look" you prefer. With seven years of experience with metalized skulls, we use our best judgement on the color and degree of patina that best fits the skull. Some historical bronzed sculptures are almost entirely covered in patina, and only the prominent high spots are polished exposing the bronze. In general, patina pieces (skulls) have a more elegant, antique look to them, while high polished pieces have a modern, bright, futuristic look.
Some people prefer a polished metal finish. When this option is chosen, the skull goes through 6 polishing stages to achieve the highest degree of polish possible. The last stage entails a flannel polishing wheel used in conjunction with a hig quality wax. You then have the option of sealing the finish with our clear coat, or leaving the piece sealed only in wax which will require periodic polishing. If you prefer your skull NOT be sealed in our clear-coat, please specify with shipment. A jewelers polishing cloth is included with all skulls that are not clear coated.

Metalized skulls are sealed in a clear-coat
We use a ceramic crystal clear coating which is extremely durable, long lasting and "locks" the skulls metallic finish. Once this clear coat is added, there is no need for future polishing of the skull. Our Clear coat has the ability to seal in the metal coating without the detection of a clear coat being present on the surface. Many clear coats that we have tried, have a very thick film, which gives the appearance of a plastic look over the metal. This "plastic" look of most varnishes is unacceptable, and we are extremely happy with this new patented ceramic clear coat.

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