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Cherry --- Walnut---Birds Eye Maple---Oak
High Quality 3-Piece Plaques

We are fortunate in that we have a wood buyer in northern Wisconsin that finds us just the materials we want. He travels to 16 different mills 2x a year and hand picks our boards for us. Our walnut was milled over 30 years ago, and is richer in color than any other walnut we have seen. The 4/4 boards (1") are actually 1" thick! You can't find full 4/4 lumber anywhere these days. We do all woodworking here on site and if there is something you require that you do not see on our web site, we would be glad to custom make what you need. we have a huge selection of 4/4, 6/4 and 8/4 boards for the largest of projects.
Have us clean your skull using dermestid beetles and European it for you, or buy your own plaque for skulls you have cleaned yourself

From top: Oak, Maple, Cherry, Walnut
After "crust" is knocked off Walnut board
All sanded up
That's Walnut!

Deer, antelope, elk, and non-antlered game may be mounted on a 3-piece slanted plaque that displays the skull at an attractive angle. Moose, Bison, and Caribou may be mounted on a flat plaque.

3-piece angled plaque (wall or pedestal)- $60 Oak/ ..$70 Walnut / Cherry/..$95 Birds Eye Maple(deer/antelope/mtn. lion/b.bear)
3-piece angled plaque - $90 Oak/ ..$100 Walnut / Cherry/..$160 Birds Eye Maple(elk,grizz,boar)
1-piece flat plaque - $60 Oak /..$70 Walnut / Cherry/..$95 Birds Eye Maple(elk,caribou)

Our skull cleaning/metalizing service coupled with these plaques make an impressive european mount

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3-piece Oak wall plaque - DEER   $70.00
3-piece Oak Pedestal plaque - DEER   $70.00
3-piece Walnut wall plaque - DEER   $80.00
3-piece Walnut Pedestal plaque - DEER   $80.00
3-piece Cherry wall plaque - DEER   $80.00
3-piece Cherry Pedestal plaque - DEER   $80.00
3-piece Maple wall plaque - DEER   $105.00
3-piece Maple Pedestal plaque - DEER   $105.00
3-piece Oak wall plaque - Antelope   $70.00
3-piece Oak Pedestal plaque - Antelope   $70.00
3-piece Walnut wall plaque - Antelope   $80.00
3-piece Walnut Pedestal plaque - Antelope   $80.00

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