Metalized Skull Service -Price List
Our metallizing process is a patented cold metal application which preserves 100% of the skulls features. Our coatings are up to 95% real metal with the remainder being a polymer binder that reacts with the metal forming a metal composite. The finished metal will tarnish with age as all metals do. If you prefer a natural metal look, our last stage polishing wax will help preserve your skull, but still enable it to age naturally. We do offer a clear ceramic coating that preserves the finished look of each skull eliminating the need for periodic cleaning/buffing. Metal coated skulls look, act and feel like hot-cast metal.

We can repair virtually any damaged skull before we metallize. We have a LOT of experience sculpting damaged skulls and have a large supply of "donor" skulls from which we borrow parts to completely repair your skull before metallizing. Missing teeth are also no problem, as we have a huge assortment of extra teeth. Accurate pricing on repair work is quoted after we recieve the skulls, but we can usually give you a ball-park figure over the phone.

Metals available are:

The following pricelist has three options:
#1 Send us your game skull already 100% cleaned and dry.
#2 send us your game head with the hide still on for us to clean and then metalize
#3 Send us your game head after you skin, remove eyes, brains, and lower jaw (prepared head). We will clean and then metalize.


Species #1
100% Previously cleaned skulls - we metalize
Send us head w/hide on - we clean and metalize
Send us prepared head -we clean and metalize
Attach metalized skull to oak plaque (+$10 for walnut)
Small rodents & Mustilids



ADD $40 e-mail for
prices of
skulls not
Coyote, Fox Bobcat,Lynx, Badger, Wolverine




ADD$50 shipping and handling charges will be added to each order
Deer, Wolf, Javelina, Baboon, Mtn.Lion, Goat, Antelope,




ADD$60 Click here for our shipping and returns policy
Wild Boar < 13" length, Black Bear, Big Horn Sheep




Elk, Warthog, Grizzly, Caribou, Wild Boar > 13"




ADD $100 Add $10 to have your skull's finish sealed in our ceramic clear-coat
Bison, Cattle, Moose




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